Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Work 

The golden thread 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is the golden thread that must run through all our activity. Our priority is to ensure Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s Primary, Community and Social Care teams have a solid understanding of what EDI means, and support them to build an inclusive, positive culture where everyone can bring their whole selves to work. 
Being an inclusive organisation with diverse representation at all levels of our team is important to us. We recognise diversity helps us attain a rich pool of skills, mind sets and experiences which leads to resourcefulness, greater resilience and innovation. 
Our EDI lead: Dr Errum Mumtaz 

What we are doing at NATH 

We are working with EDI specialist, Cavita Chapman, who led Equality for NHS England and Health Education England over the past five years. We are upskilling our team and ensuring we conduct equality impact analysis on our workstreams to make them as accessible as possible. 
We are collaborating with local system leaders to offer support and training to Practice Managers across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to help shape their practice culture. 
In response to local system needs we are organising events on EDI topics which builds on the success of our History Months work in 2021/22. Watch out for our EDI events which started with the Deaf Awareness event in May 2023 which gave Primary Care colleagues an opportunity to learn Basic Sign Language. 
We want every one of our colleagues to be treated fairly and with respect. We want our colleagues to fulfil their potential and be able to access all the opportunities offered by us. 

Our Golden Thread Podcast 

Celebrating PRIDE 

In this series we discuss: 
PRIDE and its importance to the LGBTQIA+ community 
What does community mean in the context of LGBTQIA+ 
What does LGBTQIA+ terminology mean to different people 
The impact of technology on different communities 
How to make Primary Care a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ communities and ensuring their health needs are met 
Who do we need to influence to make positive change and what is allyship 
Please find a useful list of resources for you to use personally and in your practices to help improve understanding around some of the issues we discuss: 
Stonewall provide information, support and guidance on LGBTQ+ inclusion. 
Galop is the UK’s LGBT+ anti-abuse charity. They work with and for LGBT+ victims and survivors of abuse and violence. 
Gendered Intelligence is a registered charity that exists to increase understandings of gender diversity and improve trans people's quality of life. 
Medway Gender Sexual Diversity (MGSD) Centre provides services for LGBTQI+ people. 

Breastfeeding and returning to work in Primary Care 

In this series, host, Dr. Errum Mumtaz is joined by guests, Dr. Kirran Bilkhu (Return to Work Scheme Lead at Phoenix Programme) and Dr. Jennifer Moss Langfield (GP Medical Director, Notts ICS CDA GP lead for maternity and CYP) to discuss issues including: 
Approaching the return to work as a breastfeeding employee 
Bringing your whole self to work as a breastfeeding employee 
The experiences of breastfeeding employees across the NHS 
What does the 'law' entitle you to as a breastfeeding employee? 
Resources mentioned in the podcast, including useful information such as practical considerations and legal requirements, can be found below: 
Breastfeeding and Return to Work (Dr. Kirran Bilkhu, Return to Work, Phoenix Programme) 

Supporting Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Primary Care workforce development 

We work to provide inclusive training, learning and development opportunities by actively listening to our Primary, Community and Social Care staff, reviewing our Training Needs Analysis results and continually improving access to our services to all staff. Our aim is to provide courses that are open to everyone in terms of funding, timing, and delivery options, to have the maximal impact on our workforce. 
Face-to-face events 
Remote courses and learning events 
Wherever we can, we record these events and put them on our YouTube channel for individuals to access in their own time. 
We provide access to education funds to support the upskilling of staff, enabling them to respond to local population health needs. We monitor uptake and ensure as many people as possible can access these opportunities. 
We work with schools, colleges, and Higher Education Institutes to support student placements and apprenticeships to develop routes into Primary Care careers for all. We will work with partners and those we commission for training to support them to incorporate EDI issues (including differential attainment), into their delivery to enable learners to thrive and develop. 

Working collaboratively with our partners in the ICS 

We aim to understand the wider EDI culture across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, through sensitive workforce data collection and active listening. 
We will work with our provider colleagues to address the findings of the Racism and Discrimination Survey Report 2022 undertaken by the RED (Racial Equity and Diversity) Group in 21/22. We will support the RED Group to further the conversation and enact recommendations. 
We will endeavour to ensure local, regional, and national learning opportunities around EDI are shared to increase knowledge and understanding of the local workforce. 
We hope to continue working hand in hand with Integrated Care System (ICS) partners to shape the wider EDI Strategy. 

Inclusive employers 

We have signed up to be an Inclusive Employer, joining thousands of people worldwide as we follow the 2023 National Inclusion Week theme: ‘Take Action Make Impact’ #TakeActionMakeImpact. It's free to sign up and there are lots of resources available to use within your Practice. 

NHS EDI Framework 

The NHS Staff Council Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group has published a new framework for delivering mandatory NHS equality, diversity and inclusion training for all staff. 
The framework includes guidance on content, bias, legislative requirements, policies and equality standards. You can view the NHS EDI Framework here. 

EDI Networks 

BME Leadership Network - strengthening the voice of NHS black and minority ethnic (BME) leaders and to support NHS organisations to meet the needs of all communities. 
Visible Leaders Network - for BME staff leaders and aspiring leaders in Primary and Secondary Care. It is designed to support your personal progression to senior level roles within the NHS. 
Primary Care Racial Equity and Diversity WhatsApp group - to join, email info@nottsredgroup.co.uk. 
Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Network - offers members the opportunity to champion a quality improvement approach to reducing healthcare inequalities. Meetings usually take place monthly on the third Tuesday, 10.00-11.30. Email england.healthinequalities@nhs.net to register your interest. 
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