PCN Clinical Director Professional Leadership Coaching Programme 

NHSE/I Midlands Leadership & Lifelong Learning Team is providing a fully funded programme of 3 x 90-minute professional leadership coaching sessions, to support Clinical Directors (CDs) of PCNs working in the Midlands. The coaching is provided by Beyond Coaching and their Leadership Coaches. 
Coaching offers a confidential and supportive environment for CDs to: 
consider their own leadership style and challenges 
focus on their CD leadership role 
understand and lead change 
explore collaboration and system working 
clarify what it will mean to be successful and support the integration of the health and care system. 
Have the headspace to work through challenges and opportunities related to your leadership role. 
reflect on and develop the collaborative, compassionate and inclusive leadership skills that are key to success. 
increase personal insight, enabling you to build your confidence, build on your talents and play to your strengths. 
increase understanding of personal resilience and how to deepen it. 
Coaching is particularly relevant when individuals are faced with change, challenges, opportunities or options. It is relevant for those who want to review where they are now, consider how they would like things to be different and plan next steps. Coaching is about developing and utilising personal insight, taking action and looks to the future; it will help you to identify what is important that would extend satisfaction and fulfilment and how you will achieve it. During coaching, you will have a chance to appreciate the skills and experience that you have accumulated, deepen your existing competencies, and identify and clarify opportunities for change to be even better as a leader. 
Coaching will be provided by a highly qualified, and experienced professional Leadership Coaches. 
You will need to commit to three virtual, 90-minute, one-to-one coaching sessions, to be started in mid-November 2020 and completed by the end of February 2021. Expression of Interest closes by 27th October 2020. 

New NHS England Peer Leadership Programme 

The new NHS England Personalised Care Peer Leadership Development Programme is now open for enrolment! Following the success of the Peer Leadership Academies over the last 6 years, this new online programme is an exciting next step in Peer Leadership in personalised care. This innovative online personal development programme is for people with lived experience who are committed to working collaboratively with the system to shape and influence how personalised care is delivered. The programme is designed to equip people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to do this, by becoming a Peer Leader. 
The journey to becoming a Peer Leader often begins with wanting to improve your own situation. So, the programme starts with ‘What is personalised care and how can people in England benefit’? It is delivered by NHS England in partnership with Future Learn, an accessible learning platform, and features real-life stories, group discussions and quizzes to mark progress. 
To enrol on the Step One course which goes live on the 26th October 2020, please register here. 
To request a course booklet, please email: england.pldp@nhs.net 
Online Launch of the Peer Leadership Development programme: 3rd November 2020 11am – 11.45am via Microsoft Teams. 
The launch event will feature James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care at NHS England, as well as current Peer Leaders and other people with lived experience. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the programme and will also include a demo and a chance to ask questions. 
To attend the launch please book here. Joining details will be sent to you the day before the event. 

The Virtual Power of Three –Triumvirate Programme 

What is the Virtual Power of Three – Triumvirate Programme? 
A virtual 4-day programme designed to support a power of three (team of three people) to become effective change agents and leaders. Evidence-based and practical tools and techniques will provide insight about you as a leader and how you work in a team, building improved relationships, culture, and organisational effectiveness. The ultimate return on investment is not only developing individual leadership and change agent skills and competencies but also supporting a change project that could help transform one area of your primary care environment. 
Who can attend the programme? 
Any three roles from ANY primary care working environment, attending the programme together to work on a change project of choice. 
What type of change project should we be choosing? 
Your power of three has total control over the change project to work on during the duration of the programme and beyond. Examples of projects could involve: 
Primary Care Network (PCN) development 
Patient pathway redesign across a PCN 
Population health management 
Improving care for patient conditions 
Establishing system-wide influence and power 
Stakeholder mapping and engagement 
Easier access to services/appointments 
Post Covid 19 initiatives 
Do we/I need to do project work outside the programme workshop dates? 
Yes, there is project work and completion of questionnaires outside the programme workshop days/times. You will have time within the programme delivery days for project and reflection time. 
Is there a cost to participates in the programme? 
No, the programme is fully funded by the NHS England & NHS Improvement. 
How does the programme run? 
The programme is delivered through four virtual facilitated workshop days with breaks via Zoom, from 10:00 to 16:00. 
Pick just one cohort to attend with your power of three. Please see details below: 
Cohort 1 
Day 1: 20 November 2020 
Day 2: 12 February 2021 
Day 3: 12 March 2021 
Day 4: 30 April 2021 
Cohort 2 
Day 1: 28 January 2021 
Day 2: 4 March 2021 
Day 3: 22 April 2021 
Day 4: 20 May 2021 
Programme Workshop Modules Delivered Over the Four Days: 
Module 1: 
Self-Discovery – Leadership styles, values and behaviours 
Building Productive and Effective Relationships 
Module 2: 
Team Development 
Module 3: 
Strategic & System Leadership 
Collective (Partnership) & Primal Leadership 
Module 4: 
Change and Culture 
Module 5: 
Positive Questioning 
Holding People to Account 
Module 6: 
Stakeholder Prioritisation, Influence and Motivation 
Module 7: 
Resilience and Managing Conflict 
Module 8: 
Project Presentations 
Sustainability and Spreading the Learning 
Do we (our power of three) need to attend the four days of the programme? 
Yes, your power of three (your team) should attend the four-day programme together. 
How do we register an interest for a place on the programme? 
Register for Triumvirate Programme, Cohort One here 
Register for Triumvirate Programme, Cohort Two here 
They operate a first-come, first-served basis. For further information about the programme contact: Lisa Soultana, Primary Care Associate, NHS England & NHS Improvement Midlands on 0788 398 1330 or lisasoultana@gmail.com 
Expression of interest deadline extended until places are full! 


In collaboration with NHSEI & NAPC we are able to offer places on the fantastic CARE programme commencing September 2020 


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