REACT TO Home Rounds Training 

Learning outcomes over the 90 minute training 

This great, FREE training resource will help you and your staff get the most out of home rounds, working with your multidisciplinary teams and escalating healthcare concerns. 
You will learn about: 
What is a home round? 
Explaining a home round, how to prepare, and which residents to discuss. 
What is a Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting (MDT)? 
We look at the difference between MDT and home rounds. 
Healthcare options for your residents 
What is available and when to use which service, including information around Urgent Community Response (UCR) services. 
Is my resident unwell? 
Looking at the importance of 'soft signs of deterioration', discussing taking observations and using NEWS2 to determine how unwell a resident is. This session also looks at using the SBARD communication method ensuring all the relevant information is to hand when escalating concerns. 

Hear how the training has supported your development 

This training has helped us identify when our residents are becoming unwell at the right time. It has meant we need to make fewer GP appointments as some queries can wait until the home round. 
Care Home feedback 
Michele was fantastic yesterday! So relatable and helpful with a strong knowledge of information. We will most definitely be using the tools provided during our session at Moriah House care home in the future. Thank you Michele! 
Very informative. Really enjoyed being able to discuss what is not working and knowing that there is help out there for us. 
Michele gave some great advice and support that would benefit the care home, very impressed! 
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