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The Institute of Care Excellence at Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, in collaboration with the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) is pleased to propose a clinical academic development opportunity for Nurses, Midwives and AHPs (NMAHPs) from ethnic minorities who are interested in pursuing a clinical academic career (CAC). 
Research that is not inclusive will not command the confidence of our patients or our colleagues and research that doesn’t reflect population health and care needs not lead to improved outcomes. Current data from the East Midlands Internship programs shows a lack of representation and success in applications from people from ethnic minority backgrounds. We are conducting further research in this area to understand the barrier and facilitators, but being proactive is essential to support NMAHPs from ethnic minorities to pursue a clinical academic career. 
The proposed CAC programme will build on all that the Florence Nightingale Foundation have learnt about the specific barriers experienced by people from ethnic minorities in pursuing their career goals and maximising their potential. This learning will be applied to a clinical academic context and run alongside the highly successful NUH ‘Step Into’ Clinical academic careers programme. The programme will be 6 days in total and run between September 2021 and March 2022, culminating in an application to a recognised HEE/NIHR Clinical Academic Pathway training programme or other external funder. 
NUH Led - Step into Clinical Academic Career Programme 
This element of the programme covers research design skills and developing research questions that are relevant to clinical practice, building collaborations in research, research finance, funding and resources, and identifying personal career development plans. The individual will also receive 1:1 mentorship for up to 1 hour per month to support application writing through to application. 
3 days 
Florence Nightingale Foundation 
This element of the programme covers an introduction to the Florence Nightingale Foundation and development of a cohort network, personality preferences, performance in teams, presentation of Self: presence & impact (delivered by Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) and building your authority and influencing upwards. 
3 days 
6 days 
During the programme, the individual will receive 6 days taught content by established experts from NUH and the FNF. This will include 1:1 mentorship to complete an application and bespoke interview preparation. They will also become members of the FNF Alumni. Educational content will be accredited to the FNF Academy and Institute of Care Excellence. 
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