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We want to let you know about changes in GP training to provide extra places for existing trainees in GP practices. This is part of the national need to train at least an extra 1000 GPs and increase their time in GP from 18 to 24 months in their 3-year training cycle. You may have thought about becoming a trainer or a training practice in the past and been put off by the training requirements or hurdles involved; the rules have relaxed to make it much easier. 
Health Education East Midlands will now allow a previously non-training practice to become an 'associate' training practice by training one or more of its GPs as Clinical Supervisors (CS). 
All that is needed to become a CS is to attend a free 1.5-day online training course and the practice could then take on an ST2 for a 4-month placement as soon as this September. The associate practice would need a virtual visit to check it was suitable (likely to be passed if it has good or above CQC rating). It would receive a trainer's grant the same as a traditional training practice for the duration of the ST2 placement. All the admin of wages, terms and conditions is now run by HEEM through a single point employer, taking this workload off practice managers. 
If the CS wanted to go on to train to become a full Educational Supervisor ES (ie GP trainer) they could choose to complete the ES training course and receive support from HEEM to take the Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PCGE) but otherwise could remain a CS. The ST2 GP would continue to receive supervision from the ES appointed to them in their first ST1 year whilst placed in the GP practice with the CS. The CS would receive ongoing HEEM support as offered to ESs. 
The CS applicant would need to be working at least 2 sessions a week and could be an established GP in practice, a newly qualified GP, a locum GP, an out of hours GP or on a retention scheme, would not need to have the MRCGP and would not have to take the PGCE. 
More information can be found on our website at www.eastmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk/general_practice/faculty/become_a_trainer. 
We are running a webinar on Wednesday 17 March, between 13:00 and 14:00, which will give more details and the chance to ask any questions you may have. Please see the attached flyer for a link to join this. We hope as many GPs as possible consider this new opportunity. Please feel free to get in touch with any of us directly to discuss it, otherwise we look forward to seeing you at the webinar. 
Best wishes, 
Ilona Bendefy ilona.bendefy@hee.nhs.uk 
Andy Fyall Andrew.Fyall@hee.nhs.uk 
Mike Spencer Mike.Spencer@hee.nhs.uk 
Sarah Milner sarah.milner@nhs.net 
Primary Care Education Leads for HEEM" 
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