In 2018 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced new Standards for Student Supervision & Assessment (SSSA) which includes the requirement that all NMC registrants should be ‘suitably prepared’ to undertake the role of student supervision and assessment as part of the nursing role. 
Previously, nurses would be required to undertake study post-registration to enable them to support students in practice. These courses were often referred to as mentor training. Students will now have supervisor training during their undergraduate course leading to them being supervisor ready when qualifying. 

What is a SSSA Practice Supervisor? 

The practice supervisor can be any registered health and social care professional working in a practice environment. They’ve been prepared and supported to take up their role and have up-to-date knowledge and experience relevant to the student they are supervising. 
All nurses, midwives and nursing associates in any practice learning environment should be able to undertake a practice supervisor role. 

What is a SSSA Practice Assessor? 

Practice assessors are registered nurses, midwives, and nursing associates, or in the case of prescribing programmes any qualified prescriber, who assess a student’s practice learning for a placement or a series of placements. A nominated practice assessor also works with the academic assessor to make recommendations for progression for the student they are assigned to. 
They have been prepared and supported to take up their role and have current knowledge and experience relevant for the proficiencies and programme outcomes they are assessing. 
We have developed slide decks for the relevant training to either become a (i) Supervisor, or (ii) Supervisor and Assessor (see below), which you can download and use for self-directed study. 
Upon completion of the self-directed study, you will be required to complete a NMC SSSA Knowledge Test. A score of 80% or more results in a pass and you will be added to the NATH Supervisor and Assessor Register. A certificate will be provided for use as evidence in the NMC re-validation process. 
This Supervisor and Assessor Register will be stored by the Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub (NATH), but will also be shared with local university placement teams to facilitate student nurse placements within primary care in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 
When your certification is due for renewal (every two years), you will receive an email from NATH to prompt you to retake the NMC SSSA Knowledge Test. It is therefore important that you keep NATH informed of any changes to your contact details. 

SSSA Supervisor Training 

For nurses who have not previously undertaken a NMC approved qualification, you will need to complete the self-directed supervisor training slides and work-based learning activities (which can be downloaded below). 
This will provide you with the information needed to complete the NMC SSSA Knowledge Test to become a SSSA Supervisor. 

SSSA Supervisor and Assessor Transition Training 

For nurses who have previously undertaken an approved NMC mentorship qualification, such as the 998 or Flips, you can undertake transition training by completing the self-directed supervisor and assessor training slides (which can be downloaded below). 
This will provide you with the information needed to complete the NMC SSSA Knowledge Test to become a SSSA Supervisor and Assessor. 
If you require any help, support or guidance, please contact the NATH team via In the email subject title, please include your name and which SSSA Training you would like support with. 
Page last updated on 16/03/2021 
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