Learning and Development Funds 

Education funding for Primary Care in 2023/24 

Current funding options / changes to schemes 03/08/2023. 
Funding 2023/24 
Applications received before 01/08/2023 
Applications received after 01/08/2023 
CPD Funding 
Nursing and AHP roles in primary care. This is limited to the value of £333 but we have been able to top up the fees using WDF in previous years. 
Funding was allocated on workforce data which excluded Bassetlaw but NATH is working with South Yorks Training Hub to find solutions. 
If you have made an application and are waiting on a final decision which is dependent on WDF funding, the team are reviewing and will advise on the outcome in due course. 
May not fully fund courses. 
Workforce Development Funding (WDF) 
Thanks to the ICB we now have Workforce Development Funding (WDF) for the remainder of 2023/24. 
WDF supports learning for admin / non-clinical roles including Health Care Assistant, Care Coordinator, Social Prescriber, Health and Wellbeing Coach, as well as Phlebotomist, Physician Associate, and Pharmacy related roles. 
Funds can support upskilling and developing new ways of working. They cannot be used for mandatory learning or travel costs and learning must start by 31/03/2024. 
We are prioritising a number of key areas based on our submission to the ICB: 
Care Navigation – coming spring 2024 
Care Coordinators Training – Spring 2024 
19/02/24 update: 
Applications for remainder of 2023/24 are now closed. 
MSc Advanced Practice 
We have been allocated spaces by the national commissioning programme to support learning towards the MSc in Advanced Practice. Full programme, Apprenticeship or Top-up. 
Learners contacted by NATH Team. 
Contact the team. 
First Contact in Primary Care 
NHS England has commissioned eight education providers to support FCPs to complete this course. 
Learners contacted by NATH Team. 
Apply through funding request form. 
We hold learning licences for online courses for both Performing and Interpreting, and Performing Only. 
If you have a learning licence, please start the course as soon as you can. 
Licence codes expire and if not used results in a loss of a place and waste of funding. 
Contact the team. 

General notes 

All requests need to relate to learning within the 2023/24 financial year (1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024). Applications outside of this period will be declined and put on hold until future funding is confirmed. 
All requests should have line manager support, e.g. the course is relevant to role and development of individual / service and the staff member is provided time to study. 
Once funding is approved, please book the course as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the learner and line manager to ensure timely enrolment and completion of the course. 
The learner / line manager with employer / finance team to ensure invoices are correctly labelled with learner name, course title and date. 
There may be an alternative method of funding a course such as apprenticeships. To find out more please visit the Apprenticeships page. 

Funding opportunities for the medical (GP) workforce 

If you are a GP needing advice about your career development, please liaise with a member of the Phoenix Programme who will be able to discuss career support options with you. 

What can funding be used for? 

It can support short courses, conferences and university level modules which commence before the end of the financial year (1 April – 31 March). It cannot be used for mandatory training such first aid, basic life support, or safeguarding. These would normally be covered by your employer. NATH may consider supporting enhanced learning in such areas, if funding criteria permit us to do so. If unsure, please contact us. 

How do I apply? 

If you have identified a training opportunity to meet your learning and development need, complete the online Learning and Development Funding Request Form. A member of the Learning and Development Team will review your request and advise you of the outcome and next steps. 

How do you pay out the grants? 

We can do this in two ways: 
The education provider can invoice NATH direct. The invoice needs to state clearly the name of the learner, the course title, start date and costs, including VAT (if applicable). 
The employer can pay the education provider and invoice NATH for reimbursement. Again, the invoice needs to state clearly the name of the learner, the course title, start date and costs. 
Please note invoices may take up to 28 days to process from date it was emailed to alliance.hub1@nhs.net. We do not raise Purchase Orders (POs). 
To find out more information on the different funding streams used by us, and the stages within the funding request process, you can download our Learning and Development Funding Process guide. 

What if I move jobs or employer? 

The funding is attached to the individual and follows them to different jobs and employers within Nottingham & Nottinghamshire only. If you move out of the county, you must get in touch to update us. We may ask your employer to repay the course costs and advise you to contact the Training Hub in that area. 

Can I delay the start date? 

In some cases you can. In most cases you cannot delay the start date because of changes to work or personal circumstances. We understand that life might get in the way. However, if the start date moves to the next financial year we will ask you to reapply. 

Can you supply a letter of sponsorship? 

Yes. Often a university will ask for a letter of sponsorship to show who is paying the course fees. If you need a letter of sponsorship, please contact us to request one. We will need you to supply a contact name and email address for your course admissions / finance team at your chosen university. 

Can it support travel costs? 

No. The funding cannot be used to support travel or subsistence of learner in relation to a course. It can only support the education costs e.g., course fees 

Can it be used to back fill staff time or supervision? 

No. It can only be used for course fees. NATH may have other sources of funding to support back fill or supervision. We will promote those schemes when available. 

Can it support a whole degree course or master’s programme? 

No. There are limited funds. If you want to complete a degree course or master’s programme we may fund a single module or part of the course. The module or learning must take place within the financial year. We do get notice of other schemes which can support a whole degree or master’s programme. If you want to make sure you know about these opportunities please sign up to our newsletter. If you or staff you manage are wanting to complete a degree or master’s course you may want to consider the apprenticeship route. Further information can be found on the Apprenticeships page. From time-to-time NHS England will commission courses to support staff development. Please get in touch if you want more information. 

Can I apply for funding for next year? 

No. There are strict criteria about the time frames for funding. All learning must commence within the financial year – 01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023. If your courses start after this period we will be unable to support your application at this time. If you apply for funding using the online Learning and Development Funding Request Form, we will contact you to advise that your request will be considered in the next financial year. 

When do you know about the funding that is available? 

NATH usually receives notices of the Education Grants in the first quarter of the financial year. This can be anytime between 1 April and 30 June. We will advise Primary Care organisations as soon as we are notified what funds are available and update our processes to ensure we understand any new guidance. Come back to this page or sign up to our newsletter. Education Grants are subject to change. 
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