What is the STPA? 
The Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship (STPA) is a newly approved, challenging and exciting apprenticeship at post-graduate level. The job role focuses on understanding and addressing complex problems through providing expert systemic analysis, advice and facilitation. This role is suitable for people working with senior decision-makers, on strategic development, and on complex programmes; it is also aimed at people who are on track to lead in those situations. 
The occupation is found in arenas where complex problems exist that cannot be addressed by any one organisation or person, but which require cross-boundary collaboration within and between organisations. Examples include the health and care sector, central and local government, multilaterals, defence, education and research; globalised corporations with complex supply chains, NGOs and social enterprises addressing social challenges. 
Typical job titles include: System Change Lead; Systems Thinking Practitioner; Transformation Lead. 
The apprenticeship is based on full time employment, combining employer-based learning experience with paid off-the-job education and training. The apprentice’s employer commits to providing 20% of normal contracted hours, one day per week or the equivalent, as time for off-the-job learning. Fees are paid by the employer’s apprenticeship levy. 
Entry requirements 
The formal entry requirements, as with any apprenticeship, are GCSE pass grades in English and mathematics. This apprenticeship is at post-graduate level and has demanding content with a 30-month programme of study and preparation for end point assessment. The University of Bedfordshire will work with each employer to confirm that this is likely to be a suitable apprenticeship given employees’ work context and experience. Most candidates will be expected to have a first degree or professional qualification, or significant equivalent relevant experience – including project or change management, for example. 
Is there professional recognition for completing the apprenticeship? 
The apprenticeship aligns with and qualifies successful apprentices for the SCiO professional recognition: Advanced Practitioner, Systems and Complexity in Organisations. 
When does it start and how long is it? 
The programme is currently being finalised and approved in the University, with the intention of starting delivery from February 20221. Training lasts 30 months, followed by the final assessment stage lasting up to a further three months, known in apprenticeships as ‘end point assessment’ and carried out by an independent body. 
Fee and what is included 
We will charge the fee approved by IFATE, of £18K per apprentice. This fee includes all training and assessment in the 30 month training period and the End Point Assessment. 
University of Bedfordshire 
Eamonn Keenan 
07714 665007 
In relation to Systems Thinking and SCiO 
John Rogers 
Download the Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship document for more information. 
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