Adam Jones, Operations and Liaison Manager
Hi, I’m Adam Jones, I work in project management, data lead activities (finding new sources, reporting etc.) and assisting with workforce planning. I took on this role as I enjoy working with a team, to help improve data practices within primary care and to aid the meaningful outputs created from working in a primary care and training setting. 
I have a background in operations, project management and analytics. A lot of which is within the pharmacy and retail operations space. Career-wise, I have always been drawn to continuous improvement projects, modelling data to forecast changes and then measuring (and monitoring) benefits after delivery. 
My main hobbies are karate and bouldering. I enjoy karate for the dedication required to progress beyond black-belt and the comradery of a martial art with lots of members. I love bouldering for the mental challenge of working out the route suitable to your build and experience, and how that problem is solved. 
I love working for NATH as the team makes remarkable impact considering its size and relative newness! The mixture of clinical and non-clinical colleagues means that we have a mixture of skills and abilities and we’re able to apply these to the various projects. I also enjoy the atmosphere and culture as it is very open and friendly. 
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