Meet Michele Tuttle – NATH’s Project Care Officer 
Michele’s role is to work alongside care home and home care providers to deliver and implement RESTORE2™ and RESTORE2Mini™. RESTORE2™ is an early deterioration tool which is used to identify when someone becomes unwell and provides a clear escalation route to ensure they get the right care at the right time. By providing escalation of deterioration early the use of RESTORE2 has been proven to reduce number of admissions to hospital or where an admission is required it has often reduced the length of stay. The very first RETSORE2 training began 26 April 2020 since that date over 110 care homes have received training to implement the tool. In addition to this 10 home care providers have begun to use the tool which are being included in two research projects being run by both the City and County Councils- exciting and cutting edge stuff! The roll out of RESTORE2 has been embedded within the Enhanced Care Response Teams and this has further supported the success of embedding with social care providers and other services that support them. 
Part of Michele’s role will be to engage with colleagues across Primary Care to deliver awareness training ensuring when referrals are made from social care they are escalated appropriately to get the best results for our patients. 
Michele has also been involved in developing the ICS Care Home and Home Care Toolkit which provides a vast array of resources for social care. 
Michele has worked in a number of roles supporting care homes in the past 3 years. This project particularly excites and interests her as it is a practical simple and effective tool which has provided great impact for patients quickly-training on the tool can be implemented instantly. 
Moving forward a number of videos explaining the benefits of the tool will be developed to continue to raise awareness and support the embedding of this tool across all providers that support those in care homes and home care
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