I am Oscar Nguyen, a Communications and Engagement Officer at Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub (NATH as we like to be called). 
I am a non-clinical placement student, working on a 12-month fixed term Contract of Employment, as part of my Masters in Finance and Investment Banking. 
Did you know, there are over 350 different career opportunities within NHS to include non-clinical roles that cover the functions needed to keep primary care running smoothly and I am proud to be a part of it. 
I asked a colleague during my first day working at NATH “What makes it great working in primary care?” –  
“You are helping people become better”  
– She replied. I think, this is one of the key differences between working as a communicator in health care, compared with other workplaces. We know that we indirectly improve the patient experience by providing resources and information to our primary care colleagues. 
As a team, NATH and some of its system partners agreed our shared vision: 
“Educating, informing and enhancing the primary and community workforce to deliver the best possible care.” 
As a NATH communicator, I support the NATH team with quality, timely information, and resources. My role varies from website management and producing relevant content, right through to offering support on numerous NATH projects, events and training. 
At NATH, no day is the same as each member plays an indispensable role within a small but dynamic team. We spend every day finding ways to improve internal and external communication. One of our ideas is “The Team Huddle”. The Huddle is a half hour virtual meeting, via Zoom that takes place every Wednesday. The team has a chance to speak about their week, a positive thing they had done and stories about their own walks of life. As a result, we learn more about our colleagues; embedding their differences and experiences as precious resources to become stronger and more sustainable as a team. 
I would say that diversity and inclusivity is a trademark and a pride of NATH. These are values that keep me content and confident at work knowing that I am needed and can reach out for support from my team at any time. 
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