Multi-Professional Support Unit (MPSU) Bulletin
Multi-Professional Support Unit (MPSU) Bulletin – October 2021 
Issue #2 

Why I think support is important? 

“When I started in General Practice as a pharmacist 7 years ago, I was the first pharmacist to be employed by my practice. We were all unsure of what I could do and how best to help patients. Whilst I was supported to complete my independent prescribing course, I was not given regular debriefs. Looking back, I believe this slowed the rate of my progression and confidence. 
As we all grew to understand my potential, I was given regular debriefs with an experienced GP. My development and ability to help patients therefore felt valuable; my competence and confidence grew. I sent fewer tasks to GPs and took on more of the practice workload. I felt like part of a team.” 
Sarah (Member of the Multi-Professional Support Unit) 

Benefits of support within a practice team include: 

Improved patient care / experience 
Better professional relationships 
Increased staff confidence 
Improved skill and knowledge development 
Reduced stress and ‘burnout’ 
Improved staff retention 
Reduced isolation 

Support Meetings 

If you are a supervisor or involved in appraising and have issues or questions - please feel free to access our support meetings. Details can be found on our MPSU Training Events and Support Meetings webpage. 

Meet our new roles! 

This month meet Shilan Darwish - a Clinical Pharmacist working across Nottingham City East (PCN6). 
"Hi, my name is Shilan Darwish and I am a clinical pharmacist and independent prescriber in hypertension, who works in Victoria & Mapperley and Wellspring Surgeries. 
One of my main roles is to conduct structured medication reviews (SMR). I have 30 minutes for each SMR. This gives me and the patient plenty of time to discuss issues related to their medication, side effects, interactions or better ways to take their medicines. I discuss and assess lifestyle issues e.g. alcohol consumption, smoking, weight and blood pressure, to ensure a holistic approach. I will also make sure any necessary monitoring is arranged. 
I am also involved in helping patients with medication across the healthcare settings (medicines reconciliations), ensuring safety from conducting audits to actioning medication alerts, as well as being the medication expert to patients and other healthcare professionals." 

Missed an issue? 

You can read all our past MPSU Bulletins on our website in one handy place. 

Missed an MPSU event? 

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