Physician Associate Placements
I was very impressed with the practice's ability to cater for students considering its modest size, especially Physician Associate (PA) students. They have been at the forefront of expanding and promoting the profession within the region and they had an excellent understanding in how to support me during my placement.  
The variety of clinical exposure was helpful. From minor surgery to regional derm specialist clinics, as well as both GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and community mental health led sessions to observe and partake in. The balance between hands on, shadowing and theory was exactly what I required and gave me a lot of confidence to take forward.  
I felt welcomed and genuinely part of the team during my 6 weeks and can't thank every team member enough for the experience. Expectations were surpassed on every level. 
De Montfort University, Physician Associate student placement in Bilsthorpe Practice 
This was a proactively arranged elective placement which I have the Bestwood & Sherwood PCN manager to thank for. Considering how late in the proceedings this was arranged, I was amazed at how well organised my 5 weeks turned out to be.  
I spent time with a number of the Physician Associate (PA) team members, and this was probably the first time I was able to witness and discuss in depth how someone carries out the PA role in primary care. I saw typical barriers PAs encounter (e.g. lack of prescribing privileges) and how they maneuvered them from a patient and workflow perspective.  
It not only consolidated my desire to work as a PA in primary care but prepared me in the best way possible in how the job works on a day-to-day basis. I formed instant bonds with the team and saw how supportive they were with each other. The support and development plan in place for new recruits was so impressive I knew I needed to be part of what they are trying to create for PAs in the Nottingham city area. 
De Montfort University, Physician Associate student placement in NCGPA 
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