The Virtual Learning Lounge has been designed by Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub (NATH) as a new virtual learning platform for primary and community care colleagues. 
It is scheduled on a particular day during breakfast, lunch and dinner times – so why not pick a day and time that suits you, grab a bite to eat with a drink and join others to learn in a relaxing lounge! 
There is slide deck from the ‘A 90-minute Introduction to Workforce Planning – Virtual Learning Lounge’ delivered by NATH in October 2020 in which Lisa Soultana, NATH Associate covered the basics of workforce planning as well as speaking about the importance, advantages and strategies to effectively plan your workforce within a Primary Care setting. The slide deck covers: 
A definition of workforce planning. 
The 5 elements of workforce planning. 
An appreciation of the wider factors to workforce planning - consider how to add value!  
An understanding ofthe key reasons and benefitsof effective workforce planning and mindset. 
An appreciate of the link between effective workforce planning - the80/20 Pareto principle. 
An understanding forthe need for quality workforce dataand information. 
An overview of 2 workforce planning process models and the HEE Star. 
Consideration ofthe wider factors of the workforce pipeline and how to ‘close the gap’. 
An understanding a using a continuous improvement modelwhen workforce planning. 
A greater awareness of theworkforce planning process to inform decision making, drafting and submitting workforce plans. 
Download the slide deck here. 
The next Virtual Learning Lounge - "A 90-minute Introduction to Workforce Planning" will be held on 3rd December from 13:00 to 14:30. The session aids your decision-making when completing your workforce development plans with workforce planning tools and resources shared with you.  
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