Pharmacy Resources 

NHS BSA Polypharmacy Prescribing Comparators 

Highlighted by the NHS England guidance, the NHS BSA Polypharmacy Prescribing Comparators (the polypharmacy comparators) were developed by a group of GPs and pharmacists in Wessex working with NHS BSA analysts. Following their launch, they have been helping practices and PCNs to prioritise which of their patients may be at greatest risk of harm from problematic polypharmacy. 
The polypharmacy comparators consist of measures which show practices and PCNs how many patients they have on eight or more, 10 or more, 15 or more, and 20 or more, medicines. 
The polypharmacy comparators also identify patients taking a combination of medicines known to increase risk of harm, such as multiple anticoagulants or medicines which, when taken together, can increase risk of cumulative anticholinergic cumulative side effects, increasing the risk of falls, confusion, constipation and other issues. See the medicines safety portal for more information. 

Online Learning Resource for Community Pharmacy 

The™ is a fun and interactive online learning environment for the whole pharmacy team. It offers bite-sized learning activities to help the community pharmacy team develop together to deliver better outcomes for patients. 
Each learning activity is linked to one of 10 community pharmacy scenarios which appear as ‘hotspots’ on the floor plan. These are the large green question marks on the pharmacy floor for the learning topic you have chosen. Each learning topic will provide learning challenges for six or more hotspots. 
The challenges cover a wide range of interactive learning; there are videos to watch, quizzes to complete and role play scenarios to take part in. You can choose how to approach the challenge, depending on your role within the team, and whether you are learning on your own, as part of a group, or using it as a teaching resource. There is something for the whole pharmacy team! 
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