What We Offer 

Our six objectives 

We offer a variety of learning and development opportunities for the primary and community care workforce in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. As a Training Hub, we have six objectives which were identified by NHS England. These are centred on: 

Primary Care Workforce Planning 

Our focus: 
Support Primary Care Networks to develop workforce plans, identifying future workforce gaps. 
Support the implementation of the Integrated Care Board (ICB) Workforce Strategy at primary care level. 
As part of working with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs)/ICBs to support the delivery of their people functions, education, and training. 
Inform Primary Care Networks on workforce opportunities. 
Enable Primary and Community Care to access the Apprentice Levy gift to support clinical and non-clinical opportunities. 

Education and Training 

Our focus: 
Support the workforce to access workforce development opportunities. 
Collaborate with local stakeholders to promote Primary and Community Care. 
Support practices to develop and embed retention strategies. 
Identify opportunities to support the implementation of the NHS People Plan in primary care. 
Development of clinical supervision for the workforce. 
Work with practices and Primary Care Networks to identify opportunities for the workforce to become educators. 
Develop a communities of practice for staff groups to provide peer support. 
Deliver consistent training opportunities across primary care and professions to support population health and learner needs. 
Provide and/or support education, training, and retention programmes. 
Support Primary Care Networks with career engagement opportunities for their workforce. 


Our focus: 
Increase non-medical placements in primary care by identifying and supporting practices to become placement areas and up-skilling the workforce. 
Collaborate with CARE4Notts to offer apprenticeships in primary care for both clinical and non-clinical roles. 
Collaborate with CARE4Notts to offer work experience placements, introducing primary care to the workforce of the future. 
Support primary care placement areas by working with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to co-ordinate students and manage tariff payments. 
Work with educational providers and NHS England quality team(s) to ensure all placements meet the appropriate professional standards required and are aligned to the NHS England quality framework, enabling learners to develop the capabilities required. 
Maintain a database of students in primary care. 


Our focus: 
Ensure funding secured through NHS England, is appropriately used for primary care education and training, overseen through effective governance. 
Establish appropriate and flexible primary care education infrastructure, which includes leadership, educator, and programme management roles. 

Communication and Stakeholder Management 

Our focus: 
Have a clear and proactive communication strategy that articulates NHS England's vision for Training Hubs working across an ICS footprint outlined in the specification. 

Development of Systems 

Our focus: 
Ensure appropriate resources are in place with support, to provide a consistent level of education and training. 
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