COVID-19 Vaccination E-learning Programme 

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare has worked in partnership with Public Health England and NHS England and NHS Improvement to develop the COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme. The e-learning programme is designed to provide the health and care workforce involved in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme with the knowledge they need to confidently promote high uptake of the vaccine and deliver the vaccine programme effectively. 
The programme currently consists of one core knowledge session, which covers subjects including vaccine eligibility and legal aspects, and an accompanying multiple-choice assessment session. All those undertaking this e-learning should complete the core knowledge session as this is designed to provide essential knowledge about COVID-19 and the key principles of vaccination needed to deliver the vaccine. 
This e-learning programme provides theoretical training. Practical training in vaccine administration, and assessment and sign-off competency is also required before administering the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Learners should also complete the vaccine specific session(s), when available, which will provide more detailed information about the vaccine(s). The assessment sessions should be completed after each knowledge session. More vaccine-specific sessions will be added as and when more COVID-19 vaccines become available. 
Additional, complementary, e-learning sessions including Basic Life Support, anaphylaxis and statutory and mandatory training are available to support vaccinators’ training and education. 

Cancer Early Diagnosis Courses 

GatewayC’s interactive online courses are all RCGP accredited and can be used to earn CPD credits. Courses are also supported by Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and other major cancer charities, where appropriate. 
Their courses are developed by GPs and other specialists, providing valuable insights from those regularly dealing with specific cancers. All courses are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new clinical guidance, with new modules in development for other cancers. 
If you would like to discuss a specific request for an additional cancer course to meet your practice/authority/regions needs, please contact the GatewayC team at gatewayc@christie.nhs.uk. 
Early Diagnosis Courses include: 
Lung Cancer 
Colorectal Cancer 
Pancreatic Cancer 
Brain Tumour 
Prostate Cancer - Responding to a PSA Screening Request 
Chronic Leukaemia 
Metastatic Prostate Cancer 
Symptomatic Prostate Cancer 
Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) 
Acute Leukaemia 
Stomach Cancer 
Lung Cancer - End of Life Care 
Colorectal Cancer - Term Complications 
Improving the Quality of Your Referral 

Perinatal Mental Health Resource 

The Perinatal Mental Health programme has been designed to help educate and develop the workforce caring for people with perinatal mental health issues. 
This programme currently provides courses across three key areas: 
Perinatal Mental Health 
Perinatal Mental Health for Health Visitors 
Perinatal Mental Health for Occupational Therapists. 

Prescribing E-learning 

The SCRIPT e-learning programme for the primary care workforce consists of a range of modules on topics relating to prescribing and medicines safety in the primary care setting. 
Modules are categorised into four different areas: 
Principles of prescribing 
Prescribing in medical emergencies 
Prescribing in special circumstances 
Therapeutic groups 
Each module takes from approximately 60 minutes to complete. All course materials have been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals and are regularly reviewed and updated. 
What are the benefits of using the SCRIPT e-learning programmes? 
Safer prescribing: SCRIPT enhances knowledge and confidence in prescribing correctly, improving patient safety, therapeutics and medicines management 
Professional development: Certificates are made available on completion of a module, which can be used for online learning portfolios as evidence of continuing professional development 
Flexible learning: SCRIPT is easily accessible and intuitive to use, allowing users to complete modules at their convenience and refer back to modules at any time 
SCRIPT e-learning is free to those with an NHS.uk or NHS.net email address 

Acronyms of General Practice 

eGPlearning is a site designed to help with technology-enhanced primary care and learning. This includes health tech consultancy, social media training for clinicians, video consultation skills training and med tech reviews. 
Do you know all the acronyms of General Practice? What the various organisations and names mean and how to navigate them. The resource from eGPlearning shows the variety of organisations and acronyms you need to be aware of when working in General Practice. 

Personalised Care Institute - Learning and Development Resources 

The Personalised Care Institute is a virtual organisation, accountable for setting the standards for evidence-based training in personalised care in England. We are a collaborative organisation with more than forty partners from across health and care, working together to develop, assure and deliver high quality personalised care training and provide the first ever personalised care training hub for all health and care staff to access the very latest in personalised care training and development. 
Learners of all levels and in all health and care roles can access our flexible eLearning, which we will be adding to regularly. Learners can track their progress, test their learning and join group learning opportunities, as well as access resources and training from other high-quality providers. 
Training providers are able to apply for programmes to become accredited by the Personalised Care Institute against the standards set in the personalised care curriculum. 
Commissioners of personalised care training in England will utilise our list of high quality providers with accredited programmes to deliver training to their healthcare teams. 


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