Our ARRS Ambassadors 

The background 

The situation. 

PCNs across the county are actively engaged in the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) which helps fund 16 new roles into Primary Care. There are some challenges around recruitment and retention as these roles become embedded. Some ARRS staff are feeling isolated and struggling with the transition into Primary Care / Primary Care Network (PCN) working, and some roles are still misunderstood by Practice teams. 

The intervention. 

The ARRS Ambassadors Project aims to address these challenges in recruitment and retention; support, develop and connect the ARRS workforce; and engage with stakeholders across the ICS to improve understanding and utilisation of these roles. They will represent the voice of ARRS roles, their needs and suggest solutions to enhance the integration of a Primary Care multi-professional team. 

The limitations. 

Due to limited funding, not all ARRS roles have an Ambassador in phase 1 (first six months) of this project. They have been selected based on PCN support needs (identified through consultation), the number of each role within our workforce (National Workforce Reporting Service (NWRS) data), and insight from the 2023-24 Primary Care Training Needs Analysis. 

Our project vision 

Our vision is for the ARRS workforce to have connections and support (peer, supervision, and team), development and career options, and feel embedded within Primary Care teams that can easily understand, recruit, integrate and retain this workforce in Notts. 
Whether or not your role is funded through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), if you fall within the professions listed under the ARRS workforce, our ARRS Ambassadors are here to connect, support, and develop you. These roles are: 
Advanced Practitioner 
Care Coordinator 
Clinical Pharmacist 
Digital and Transformation Lead 
First Contact Physiotherapist 
General Practice Assistant 
Health and Wellbeing Coach 
Mental Health Practitioner 
Nursing Associate and Trainee NA 
Occupational Therapist 
Pharmacy Technician 
Physician Associate 
Social Prescribing Link Worker 

Our project aims 

Recruitment and retention in PCNs 
PCN/Practices can successfully recruit and retain ARRS roles with minimal challenges. 
Students, newly qualified and existing staff, and ARRS roles working outside Primary Care are aware of routes into and career options within Primary Care ARRS roles. 
ARRS roles have a consistent, supportive and enjoyable induction and transition into Primary Care. 
Development of the ARRS workforce 
ARRS roles are connected and supported across the ICS, and with regional and national priorities. 
Relevant development opportunities are accessible and utilised by the ARRS workforce and they know their further career options. 
ARRS roles feel integrated and embedded within Primary Care multi-professional teams, and empowered to use their full skill-set. 
Engagement across Primary Care 
ARRS Ambassadors are connected with key stakeholders across the ICS and represent the voice of the ARRS roles. 
Primary Care workforce understand the ARRS roles, responsibilities, skills sets, benefits, and how they fit into the creation of a multi-professional team. 
Primary Care workforce know how, when and what to refer to ARRS roles. 

Our key deliverables over the first six months (phase 1) 

Network across NATH and key stakeholders to ensure they are aware of the role and its remit. 
Attend and input into Ambassador Away Day to shape project deliverable plans. 
Collaborate with other ARRS Ambassadors and establish an ambassador peer support network. 
Set-up or develop existing peer support networks for ARRS roles with a clear programme of activity. 
Develop communication campaigns and webpage content to support the ARRS agenda. 
Develop posters on clear pathways into ARRS roles and routes for further development. 
Support PCNs with their ARRS recruitment plans, induction toolkits, and the retention of these roles. 
Develop and deliver at least 2 ‘Meet the ARRS Role’ educational sessions with the MPSU. 
Input into the MPSU plan to shape events for ARRS roles using the Training Needs Analysis. 
Scope out phase 2 of the ARRS Ambassadors project and help shape the Ambassador role. 

Our link to NHS England’s Training Hub KPIs 

Strategic objective 
Support PCNs with workforce planning and help identify where ARRS roles could be recruited to support PCN priorities. 
Encourage eligible ARRS roles to take up Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Funding to support their personal and professional development. 
Deliver educational events under NATH’s Multi-Professional Support Unit (MPSU), based on ARRS training needs, and encourage ARRS roles to attend NATH events. 
Develop communications around different apprenticeship routes into ARRS roles and further progression routes for the ARRS workforce. 
Promote NATH’s Evidence Support Services to the ARRS workforce and encourage uptake of OpenAthens to conduct research and literature searches to support PCNs. 
Feed into NATH’s Equality Impact Assessment to continuously develop the equality, diversity and inclusivity of NATH offers to Primary Care, particularly the ARRS roles. 
Advocate ARRS roles in Primary Care by promoting ARRS student placement opportunities to PCNs and encouraging Practices to become learning environments. 
Identify members of the ARRS workforce who are (or could become) Educators and Supervisors, identify their training needs, and assist in developing update sessions. 
Support PCNs in understanding the ARRS roles and how these roles can assist new ways of working in Primary Care to support population health needs. 
Connect with training providers and newly qualified ARRS roles, and support them to take up a role within Primary Care. 
Shape how the ARRS Ambassadors support local workforce priorities, evidence the benefit the Ambassadors bring to the workforce, and scope future project deliverables. 
KPI = Key Performance Indicator 

Meet the ARRS Ambassadors team 


Ali Ayliffe-Jessup 

Nursing Associate Ambassador 

Elizabeth Boaheng 

Pharmacy Team Ambassador 

Laura Bryden 

First Contact Practitioner / AHP Ambassador 

Desi Gillespie 

First Contact Practitioner / AHP Ambassador 

Callum Hunting-Young 

Physician Associate Ambassador 
Kate Knowles Headshot

Kate Knowles 

Advanced Practitioner Ambassador 

Somshun Nessa 

Health and Wellbeing Coach Ambassador 

Darcie Parry 

Care Coordinator Ambassador 

Marcella Tarantini 

Social Prescribing Link Worker Ambassador 

Louise Woodward 

Project Lead 

Errum Mumtaz 

Project Team Member 

Laurence Quirk 

Project Team Member 

Working in partnership with: 


Sam Garside 

Lead Senior Pharmacy Technician 

Charlotte McIvor 

Digital, Business and Transformation Manager 
Nottingham City East PCN 
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