Student Placement Opportunities 

Hybrid Placements Trial 

Hybrid Placements Trial
NATH are continuously working to increase the amount of nursing placements across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. In conjunction with the University of Nottingham, we are looking to trial hybrid placements in June-July 2024. Find out more about our Hybrid Placement Trial. 

What are placements? 

Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub (NATH) find suitable placement opportunities for students who want to gain experience in, or are seeking a career in primary and community care. Placements form a valuable part of their learning experience. It enables students to gain real life skills and knowledge that will support their course objectives and career development. Placements vary in length depending on individual course requirements. 
NATH works in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the region to support student placements across a range of courses. This is central to our work and forms one of the six HEE Objectives each training hub is commissioned to deliver against. 
The variety of clinical exposure was helpful. From minor surgery to regional derm specialist clinics, as well as both GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and community mental health led sessions to observe and partake in.  
The balance between hands on, shadowing and theory was exactly what I required and gave me a lot of confidence to take forward. 
De Montfort University Physician Associate student placement in Bilsthorpe Practice 
I was able to witness and discuss in depth how someone carries out the PA role in primary care. I saw typical barriers PAs encounter (e.g. lack of prescribing privileges) and how they maneuvered them from a patient and workflow perspective.  
It not only consolidated my desire to work as a PA in primary care but prepared me in the best way possible in how the job works on a day-to-day basis. 
De Montfort University, Physician Associate (PA) student placement in NCGPA 

Interested in hosting a student placement? 

If you are a GP Practice or primary / community care provider, and interested in hosting a student placement, please get in touch with us for more information by emailing 

What are place-based tariffs / placement tariffs? 

Every individual student placement that is hosted by a GP Practice, or other community-based organisation, comes with a placement tariff. The hosting organisation is known as the placement provider. The tariff is a one-off payment of money that is gifted to the placement provider. It is a set amount to acknowledge the staff time taken to supervise and train the student. It is used to cover this back-spend and has to be justifiable for use on the placement. 
The amount is set and provided by NHS England. The NATH Placement Lead will contact the student's Higher Education Institution (HEI) to find out what the tariff amount is. Usage restrictions are included in the HEI guidance documents. Some HEIs may take a small administration fee from the set tariff for processing the funding. Other HEIs will ask NHS England to transfer the full amount directly to the placement provider's bank account. 

Nursing and Midwifery Council Student Supervision Emergency Standard 

In response to requests from educators and clinical placement providers to help relieve current pressures, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have already reintroduced one of the emergency standards in relation to Student Supervision and Assessment. Emergency standard E5.1 allows students to be supervised and assessed by the same person during this period. Adoption of this standard is optional. 
"Hosting a 2nd year Physician Associate student was a good experience and she engaged well with the team. She brought an enthusiastic learning environment, asking questions, challenging current practice vs. guidance, and creating reflective learning for the entire team. This benefits our practice by keeping training and the learning environment non-judgemental and enjoyable." 

How to become a placement provider 

NATH would like to encourage all GP Practices in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to consider offering a student placement. We feel the local area offers excellent examples of primary and community care provision. By offering a placement, it encourages students to remain in the county after graduation. This in turn supports local workforce planning. 
If you are interested in becoming a placement provider, please email and a member of the NATH Team will get in contact with you regarding next steps. 

How to become a Practice Supervisor and Assessor 

In 2018 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced new Standards for Student Supervision & Assessment (SSSA) which includes the requirement that all NMC registrants should be ‘suitably prepared’ to undertake the role of student supervision and assessment as part of the nursing role. 
We have developed self-directed training slides to support nurses to become Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors. 
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