Sharon Hovey: Introduction and Improvers Sign Language
Written by Sharon Hovey, Administration Assistant, NATH 
I undertook 2 courses to start to learn British Sign Language, introduction and improvers. This is so I can help people take advantage of the NATH offers, and more personally, be able to sign to my deaf friend. Inclusion really matters to me no matter what challenges we may have. 
Both courses ran over an 8 week period. The course was amazing and I learnt so much from the basic signing like the alphabet, numbers, and colours, to even signing full songs. 
My favourite part of the course was then being able to have a conversation with my friend Ollie who is deaf. It felt great to finally be able to include him in our conversations. Himself and his family said they were proud of me and couldn’t believe how much I had learn in such a short space of time. 
I am looking to continue the courses and next up is completing my British Sign Language Level 1 course. I would then like to continue through the levels. This is great for NATH as I will be able to help to provide an amazing service for our organisation through being able to sign. 
If you are interested in signing, I have been training with Lincoln College. 
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