Written 29/04/2021 
The ShinyMind App now rolls out the impact and mindset approach of the Shiny Mind Resilience programme across a whole organisation. As well as providing the full ‘Resilience: Your Mindset; Your Choice’ programme, it provides a proactive resource with over 100 interactive evidence-based activities, and also a community to improve wellbeing and resilience for every member of staff, ensuring all staff feel valued and connected, proactively supporting their wellbeing and resilience, on-demand 24/7, 365 days a year. 
The ShinyMind App has been co-designed with all levels of staff groups within the NHS, so it is tailored to positively support staff in some of the most challenging and stressful jobs. By working with various specific staff groups, it has enabled the creation of a wellbeing and resilience resource designed for everyone working for every organisation which wants to support the daily wellbeing and resilience of their staff.  
How to use the ShinyMind app for the NHS: 
ShinyMind Testimonial: 
"I love my app, it's my go to when I have a problem. Helps you break down goals into manageable chunks, stops you ruminating by challenging thinking and my favourite the 'Authenticity' Masterclass which turns your world up side down in a good way." 
"Using ShinyMind has been helpful to me throughout the last couple of months. It is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. I have found the Daily Shine useful to reflect on how I am feeling and how I can work through different emotions experienced throughout the day. The breathing exercises are useful and I have found myself doing these even when not using the app. Whilst I have a few spare minutes at the end of the day I have been using to Gratitude Board to make a note of what has gone well and going back and looking at this in harder times can be reassuring and helpful. I would recommend this app to anyone who feels they might need a bit of a 'pick me up' sometimes during the day!" 
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