Written by Errum Mumtaz, 22/08/2023 

South Asian culture in Britain 

South Asian culture has made a significant impact on Britain in a range of ways such as food, music, and clothing. Festivals to bring all communities together whether its celebrating Diwali lights in Leicester or Eid in the Park in London. South Asian heritage has blended into the British way of life, contributing to the diversity of our nation. One of the most striking aspects of South Asian heritage is its incredible diversity. It encompasses a wealth of cultures, languages, traditions, and faiths. Within this diversity, we find a shared heritage that binds us together, transcending borders and generations. 

Celebrating South Asian Heritage 

Many colleagues within the NHS have a South Asian Heritage and we wanted to take the opportunity to allow people to speak about their journey to and through Primary care in Nottingham and what impact their South Asian Heritage had on them. 
Our celebration event took place on the 20 July 2023 and was attended by a breadth of our work force from non-clinical to clinical, from new to practice to post retirement, and colleagues born abroad to those that were British born. We had people attend who were there to share and others who attended to listen and learn. 
I really enjoyed hearing all the personal stories. The speakers were engaging, and the networking opportunities were good. It brought history, and people’s experiences to life. 
Sarah Thomas, Evidence Support Specialist, NATH 

Why my South Asian Heritage is important to me 

My South Asian Heritage is important to me, the colours, the smells, the language, the intricately made clothes. My parents migrated to the UK in the late 70s and I was 1 of 6 children, my parents ensured our South Asian heritage was embedded in all we did and we shared our traditions with our non-South Asian neighbours and community. 
Studying and practicing medicine has taught me so much about myself. I can see clearly which parts of my practice are influenced by my South Asian Heritage. Being away from home made me realise how much my culture had shaped me and comforted me at my lowest. Interacting with my colleagues and patients has made me appreciate the gift I was given, and I celebrate my heritage with pride! It is such a rich and unifying heritage that no matter where you are in the world, you can take its teachings and traditions and make a home away from home. 
I enjoyed meeting like minded people and networking. It was an invaluable insight. Excellent. Thank you. 
Delegate from the event 

We thank you for sharing your stories 

It was so important for us at NATH to take advantage of South Asian Heritage Month to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions made to the NHS and Nottinghamshire Primary Care by our South Asian Colleagues. We thank colleagues who came forward to share their family stories and gave insight in how they were shaped by their heritage. 
The main themes that came out of the event included: 
Overcoming adversity and keeping faith 
The importance of education and bettering oneself 
Paying it forward by looking after those that are less fortunate 
There is not much in the world that you can’t sort out over a cup of garam Chai! 
We look forward to next year’s South Asian Heritage month and plan to hold a similar event, so watch this space! You can see all our upcoming events via our Eventbrite. 
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