A photo of Darcie Parry, Care Coordinator Ambassador
Written by Darcie Parry, 15/12/2023 

What is your role outside the ARRS Ambassador position? 

Outside of the Ambassador role I am a Lead Care Coordinator in a GP surgery. I oversee a team of five Care Coordinators, and we support the surgery with things like Mental Health reviews, Learning disability reviews, Care home administration, MDT support, Long-term condition appointments, respiratory appointments, health checks, Covid and Flu vaccination clinics, baby vaccines, cancer care reviews and more. I ensure the team are on top of their work, supported with their workload and being utilised effectively. 

Why did you want to take on the role of ARRS Ambassador? How will you be a good advocate for your role? 

I wanted to join NATH as an ARRS ambassador because I know the Care Coordinator role can be confused for an admin-based reception role. I want to target this and try to promote how effective and beneficial the role can be when it is used to target the correct areas. I also want to focus on the inclusion and wellbeing of Care Coordinators to ensure they are listened to and have substantial training and support. 

What are the top three things you would like to achieve as part of the ARRS Ambassadors team? 

I would like to achieve a widespread understanding of the Care Coordinator role, correct utilisation and a friendly, beneficial support network for people in the role. 

What are your initial aims and plans to connect your role peers across the whole of Nottingham and Notts to develop a community of practice? How can they get in touch to join this network? 

My aim is to hold regular meetings via Teams and face to face, if possible, to create a friendly, professional and open network where we can communicate our needs, our doubt, worries and achievements so that we can improve the role together as a network, based on what the network identifies. 
They can get in touch to join the network simply by emailing me at darcie.parry@nhs.net - I am more than happy to meet them, greet them and get them actively involved. 

How would you like to engage and collaborate with PCN/Practice management teams to support the ARRS workforce? 

I would like to make myself known, hold meetings and small information sessions to promote the role, its expectations, training needs and retention requirements so that information is accessed first hand. I would also like to create documents and posters on the role for people to refer to. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

In my free time I am a mother to a wonderful one-year-old. I spend my free time with him doing all the things he loves such as going to the zoo or to playgroups. When he goes to bed, I like to listen to audiobooks and focus on self-care. 

Favourite holiday destination you would recommend? 

Reykjavik, Iceland – Me and my husband spent some time there a few years ago and it is beautiful, highly recommend if you like the snow! 

If you could be any animal for a day, what would you choose and why? 

A red panda so that I can sleep all day, have no worries and just come down from the tree to eat. 

Any recent films or TV shows you have watched that you would recommend? 

The American Office. 

What are you looking forward to most over the next six months of the project? 

I am looking forward to building a network where people can feel listened to, where we can look at the areas that people need support with and hopefully make a difference. 

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