Return to Practice Support for AHPs 

Have you had a break in practice? 

During the course of your career, you may not practise your profession for a period of time. This may be for many reasons, which could include parental leave, extended travel, caring responsibilities or illness. If you want to come back to your profession and resume practising, useful advice and support is available. 

AHPs Return to Practice Programme 

NHS England runs a programme to support Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to return to practice by supporting them to return to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) register. 
The programme follows HCPC guidance on return to practice (RTP) and supports clinicians with a professional healthcare qualification gained in the UK or from overseas whose qualification is recognised by the HCPC. 
The national RTP programme has been designed to provide the opportunity for returnees to update skills and knowledge in their chosen profession and within their scope of practice. 
The programme can offer clinical, financial and academic support (where applicable) to support the returnee to meet the minimum criteria to RTP and therefore meet the minimum requirements of the HCPC register. 
The programme will not arrange clinical placements or recommend specific organisations, but has been set up to support and assist returnees to follow the HCPC RTP guidance. If you are returning to practice, to re-register with HCPC you will need to update your knowledge and skills as follows: 
0 to 2 years out of practice – no requirements 
2 to 5 years out of practice – 30 days of updating 
5 or more years out of practice – 60 days of updating 
NB: One day is equal to 7 hours. 
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