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We have an established centralised approach to work experience across health and care in Nottinghamshire. Work experience is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about working in health and care and offer first-hand experience of the world of work. Due to high demand, we cannot always guarantee a face-to-face opportunity, so we also offer you several free online learning packages that give some insight. 

Apply for Work Experience 

Here you can discover invaluable insights into work experience opportunities in the health and social care sector and gain direct access to apply for them. During these work experience opportunities, you will develop an understanding of what your chosen career’s day to day life looks like. Helping you discover what career is right for you! 


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The Nottinghamshire Work Experience Hub provides a centralised process for applicants seeking work experience placements in the health and social care sectors. 
This is a perfect opportunity for anyone thinking about a career in Health or Social Care to try a work experience placement at an acute hospital, in a mental health Trust or in a placement in our community services. Our Work Experience Hub offers a variety of work experience placements. 
The Nottinghamshire Work Experience Hub is available to everyone, whether you are at school thinking about your future career, people taking career breaks and wanting a change of direction or people wanting to try something completely different. 
Working in the NHS and social care is an extremely rewarding career and offers an experience like nowhere else. Every role, whether it is clinical or non-clinical plays a vital role in making a difference to patients, service users and families and carers. You will learn a lot about yourself as well as developing professionally. 
Please note that, due to the demand for placements and the limited number of available work experience placements, placements are restricted to Nottinghamshire residents only. 

Advice for applicants 

We are thrilled to expand our array of work experience placements once more, providing exciting opportunities for your professional growth! 

For students applying to university 

Universities understand that it may still be difficult to obtain work experience placements. They will expect to see in your personal statement that you have researched the different areas available in your field of study e.g. adults, paediatrics, older people. 

Tips for Students 

What is on offer? 

These are some typical examples of work placements: 
Radiology - observer 
Kings Mill Hospital 
Adult speech and language therapy 
Kings Mill Hospital 
Queens Medical Centre 
Occupational Therapy 
Kings Mill Hospital 
Dietician and Nutrition 
Queens Medical Centre 
Radiotherapy - observer 
Nottingham City Hospital 

Apply for Work Experience 

Due to the high demand for placements, we unfortunately cannot guarantee everyone will get a placement, especially at peak times of year. We do also offer some online packages. 
The Work Experience Hub for Nottinghamshire provides a centralised process for those seeking work experience placements in the health and social care sectors. 

Can’t find work experience in your desired Allied Health Professional (AHP) role? 

In today's dynamic allied health landscape, traditional physical work experience is no longer the sole avenue for education. We're here to explore a range of innovative alternatives, from YouTube tutorials to interactive online courses, offering exciting opportunities for aspiring allied health professionals. Join us as we discover new pathways to excellence in allied health education! 
Podcasts - ‘The Physio Matters’ podcast by Jack Chew has a wide range of different podcasts discussing different roles and topics in physiotherapy. Listen to the podcast on spotify here. 
YouTube videos - these are a great way to deepen your understanding of what the role of a physiotherapist involves or any other AHP’s. 
Books - there are 100’s of books relating to every AHP role that can give job insight into what they do and what a career in this profession could look like. 
Online talks - The NHS carries out many online live discussions on an interactive platform where students can ask questions to find out if rotation relating to their desired careers. 
Online learning packages - Check out the learning resources in the links section below to learn more about working in health and social care. 
Furthermore, researching ‘what is an Occupational Therapist’ , for example, into any search engine will give you great information from a wide range of sources, allowing you to deepen your knowledge of your desired AHP roles. 


These videos showcase the diverse range of work experience opportunities within the NHS. Explore various roles from clinical to administrative, through our informative videos. Hear firsthand from students who have participated in work experience programs as they share their valuable insight and experiences. Delve into these videos to gain a comprehensive understanding of the exciting opportunities available to you within the NHS. 
Advice surrounding work experience 
A new Physiotherapist that completed work experience 
A Managers Perspective 
Clinical Assistant 
Health Informatics 


Check out the learning resources below to learn more about working in health and care -  
Find out more about the 350+ careers in the NHS with real life stories from our staff-  
Find out about upcoming careers events and get advice on what to do next - 
A comprehensive list of e-learning programmes that have been developed to support healthcare workers across all professions within the NHS -  
Resources supporting you to become an AHP and career development opportunities for qualified AHPs -  
There’s much more to a career in health than being a doctor or nurse. Find out about the exciting and fulfilling roles of 150,000 Allied Health Professionals that make up a third of the NHS workforce - 

Advice for Teachers 

If you’re a teacher looking for information on Work Experience for your students please download NHS Education England's 'Work experience in the NHS - A toolkit for teachers and careers advisers'. 

Advice for Managers 

Check out the guides below for some great advice for managers. 
We are also always looking for ways to offer online alternatives. If you are willing to offer your time and expertise for a pre-recorded video or maybe a live Q&A session please get in touch. Please contact the Work Experience Team on sfh-tr.nottsworkexperiencehub@nhs.net 

Meet the students who supported the build of these pages 

Lewis Wright and Sam Booth supported the creation of these Work Experience pages whilst completing a leadership placement with the AHP Faculty as part of their Physiotherapy degrees at University of Nottingham. 
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